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The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci

Last Update:

I drove out to Joshua Tree one morning. 4am, 200 miles, all alone. I also snapped a picture of some signs on the freeway between San Diego (near the Mexico border) and Los Angeles.

My Probe:

Under the shade of a small palm.
A shot from the rear quarter.

Too bad you can't see the splats on the windshield.
Here's what bugs see at 120mph...(The low quality picture does not properly illustrate just how cratered the paint job was with bug splats.)

Picture jacked from an old car magazine, but identical to mine.
My old ride, before it met an unkind fate at the hands of a GM.

My old ride, post mortem. :(

First meeting of the SCPOC, 07/18/1998.

Felipe Torrejon, circa July 4th 1998, the Bowling Green Probe Summit. Yes, a fellow, err, Prober.

Check out this guy's bumper stickers...

375 horses of righteousness
A discontinued legend...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
I always wanted to do this... Crummy pic, I'll take a better one next Time I'm behind thousands of gallons of gasoline.

Lotsa brake lights...
The car stalled unexpectedly. Really bizarre. As though someone killed the ignition and pulled the battery, so not even the hazard lights worked. This is just minutes after calling the Auto Club for a tow...

How do you spell relief?
The ...err... cavalry... arrives.

At least traffic started thinning out.
Unlike the "Anal Probe" picture above, this one was not intentional, you perverts. Sheesh, what do you take me for...
Lousy freakin' camera...
Driving home was mighty tiring. I almost pulled into a motel halfway home.