The Exxon Valdez.  So much wasted fuel.

Last Update:

10/14/1998 : Newest gasoline log brought up to date.

As for the METHOD used to come upon these calculations... I drive the car until it reaches somewhere close to empty (about 11-13 gallons used average)and then I fill it up until the fuel nozzle automatically shuts off. Not the most scientific method of doing things, but about as close as the average layman can get.

Last listed Fillup:


Just so you know, there are two macros I hacked together for the spreadsheet. One is a "Miles per gallon" calculator that is initiated by Ctrl-M and the other is a "Cost per mile" macro Ctrl-C. Just put the cursor over the destination cell and voila, instant calculations. Obviously that would mean that you are using my spreadsheet to keep a log for yourself. If so, very well, I don't mind sharing the wealth anonymously. So if Excel warns you about a potential virus, rest assured that it's just those two macros unless a really unlikely set of circumstances occurs (which I won't get into here).