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03/28/2003: Various puzzle related links I like to visit. While they don't constitute every link I visit, they are great starting points to getting to many other great places on the net.


Twisty Megasite - The best Rubik's type puzzle discussion forum anywhere. Also an excellent resource page which contains numerous puzzle making articles. Contains an excellent links page, much more thorough than my own short list of links.

Twisty Puzzles - The definitive museum/guide for all Rubik's Cube type puzzles. Frequently updated and added to, it's a fantastic place to see hundreds of puzzles and variants.


Ton's Puzzle Page - Custom puzzle maker, trader, and online puzzle gallery. Excellent how-to guides for puzzle builders.

Dodd's Puzzle Collection - Puzzle collector with a very large and impressive online gallery.

FD's puzzles - German puzzle collector and online gallery with an impressive list of puzzles for trading.

Cubomania - Custom puzzle maker and online puzzle gallery.

Jerry Bryant's Collection - An impressive collection of mechanial puzzles.


3D Puzzle Reconstruction Studio - Buy custom puzzles not seen anywhere else, but for a price. Visit their Products pages for some absolutely amazing custom work.

Rubik's Cube Museum - Great gallery of pictures including multiple shots of some of the recent new puzzles to come from Japan.

Kar's page - Kar Watanabe's excellent collection and information page.