The Few, the Proud, the Knights Templar

"I'm not a camper, I'm a location specialist." - a camper

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Quake Corner: 10/25/2001
Scores Page: 04/16/1999
Etcetera Page: N/A
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03/28/2003 - Slated for some updating. The CTF days and even my CS days are long past. Perhaps waiting for the next big game. Perhaps Doom 3?

10/25/2001 - The Quake web page lives. The Knights Templar live. After all these years our focus has changed from Quake 2 CTF to Half-Life Counterstrike as our main competitive game. We still compete actively and while members have come and gone, the clan lives on.

I finally finished the changes I was meaning to make to the Quake Corner link. I originally called it something else but really the old pages contains two significant events in first person shooter history so I renamed it. Remember, this is four-plus year old html code that you're reading. There were some slight changes to the code to fix some broken parts and to change the "email to" reference but that's it. Anyway, the two significant events covered are the Red Annihilation tournament (where John Carmack gave away one of his Ferraris) and the first ever All Female Quake tournament which was hosted by Slam Site when I worked for them and they were still around. Peruse and enjoy.