Personal Shit

Yes, I risked scratching the surface of my scanner.

"Why is it that everyone thinks they got a special order of tragic soup when God was ladling out meals for our souls?" - Brian Hook, id Software

Last Update:

Life events are going the way they are going, whether good or bad. Like most people, life and its associated day to day living is a mixed bag of happiness, contentment, frustration, anger, anxiety, satisfaction and whatever else. Perhaps some day I'll wax philosophical and go into depth about the meaning of life, but suffice to say that for now, you won't give a damn 100 years from now so don't lose sleep over it. Trust me, you won't figure it out. And more than four years later, this still holds true.


Gunz: How politically incorrect can I possibly get, I asked myself (yes, I could be worse...). And why put this at the top. No particular reason other than it's a significant hobby and it's only new entry. My interest in mechanical things naturally extends to this. Nope, I have better things to do than debate right and wrong. Simply put though, I like to be reasonably knowledgeable and well versed with all of my hobbies. This one is no exception. If you have to ask, I'm probably much better than you or the guy trying to break in.

Beretta 92FS

Carz: Like most average males, I have an interest in the gasoline powered combustion engine and all the trimmings that go with it. And the faster they go, the better I like it. This is my project car. Nowadays though I'm more interested in having it run right. It certainly hasn't failed me yet.

Cooling off in the shade of a palm tree.

Yes, I still drive this car. Almost 120,000 miles on the odometer now and it still runs just fine. Well, except for needing a new clutch plate, new brake pads, new struts, and some body work. Until there's something significantly better, I'll stick to $0 monthly car payments.

Computerz: In my room are a P3-850, P2-400, and a couple of other boxes I play with now and then. I also have a wireless laptop I use for browsing when I'm watching a game on TV downstairs and I need to look up some numbers fast. So why not top of the line 2.6+ GHZ monster machine? Very simple, I don't need one for the games I play. When a game comes out that my system can no longer run smoothly, then I will get something top of the line. In other words I'm waiting to see how Doom 3 looks.

MMX??  Geeeez....

Quake: I still give Id Software props for spawing a generation of first person shooter enthusiasts. They were the true kings of the genre and remain at the top of the heap.

id Software

My really heavy game playing days have come and gone I think. Not that I don't enjoy playing them but it's about the priorities. I'm really waiting on Doom 3 to see where I stand on gaming.

PuZzLeZ: I've been playing with the Rubik's Cube since about 1983. I've been able to solve the Cube (among other mechanically different but similar style puzzles) since about 1993, when I actually took the Time to study it after putting it down for almost a decade. My love of puzzles never left me, it was just dormant for a while. Hell, you should see my collection now...

This is The Skewb

cDc text filez: This story is disgusting, putrid, foul, deviant, neurotic, distasteful, grotesque, malignant, wretched, rancid, filthy, awful, and downright vile. The Monolith. Now aren't you even a little curious?

Authors of the notorious Back Orifice

Thalia: Ok, so now you're wondering why the heck a music artist is listed here. Well, there's an interesting story behind this. I was walking to the bathroom of a predominantly hispanic indoor mall. Just outside was a song playing. Due to my partially Hispanic roots (What??? But, but, you're pureblood Korean, right? Yes, but it's a long story.) I stopped for a second to listen. I was immediately drawn to the music and the singer. Soon after I found myself purchasing the CD, En Extasis(In Ecstasy). The song that hooked me was Piel Morena(Dark Skinned One{person}). Incidentally, she shares her name with Thalia, the Greek Muse of Comedy, whom she was named after.

Off to Thalia's fan club page

Other Stuff: A jack of all trades, a master of none. Try to sum up the whole of someone's being and distill it down to just a handful of words. Next to impossible would be the resopnse. My mind can be a terrible thing to taste if taken too seriously and without cream and sugar. Give it here, punk, or I'm gonna pummel you.

If you want to email me, click here. I receive roughly 100 pieces of email daily, but each one is special to me. No... really. I'm not kidding. I treasure each and every single one. Really. Ok, maybe not. After four years I finally admit that I do not think you are special in any way. You are just another person who thinks they are special in some small way. But that's ok, I'll read your mail anyway. No, I'm not special either.