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Meet the SCPOC members here in the members page.

Do you want to caravan with members when driving to meets? For the San Diego Area, contact Chris Ashton. For the Los Angeles/Orange County Area, contact Jin Kim. LA/Orange county caravans usually meet here.

Quick News for
The Import Auto Salon in Pomona was successful. More info about the meet will be posted soon. For now, check the info for hte upcoming meet.

SCPOC 1st meet: Gathering, San Clemente - 07/18/1998
SCPOC 2nd meet: Dyno Shop, Garden Grove - 08/22/1998
SCPOC 3rd meet: Scenic Drive, Lake Elsinore - 10/11/1998
SCPOC 4th meet: Speed Zone, Puente Hills - 11/21/1998
SCPOC 5th meet: Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad - 12/19/1998
SCPOC 6th meet: Peterson Museum, Los Angeles - 02/06/1999
SCPOC 7th meet: Carlsbad Raceway Pt. II, Carlsbad - 03/06/1999
SCPOC 8th meet: Import Auto Salon, Pomona - 03/27/1999
SCPOC 9th meet: Barbecue, Anaheim - 05/01/1999

Why Join?

The purpose of meets is for local Probe enthusiasts to get together with others who share a passion for our cars. This diverse group of people have a wide range of skills, knowledge and taste when it comes to their individual rides. By meeting others, a person can expand his/her understanding of the workings of the car. Meetings are a great forum to pose any questions one may have regarding performance or maintenance.

Another very good reason to join is purely financial. If you are having car problems, turn to the list first; it may potentially save you a lot of money. Many of us have been there, done that with our cars. Some of us are part of a much larger mailing list of hundreds of Probe/MX-6/626 owners who frequently discuss various problems and how to fix them. We can even tell you what problems you will have before you even have them. Now that is a resource worth keeping.

SCPOC 1st meet: Gathering, 07/18/1998

For our first meeting we met at a local area restaurant in San Clemente, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Just a first "face to face get to know you" encounter.

SCPOC 2nd meet: Dyno Shop, 08/22/1998

For our second meet several of us met at a speed shop where we left our egos at the door and dynoed our cars with various mods. Read about the results, you may learn a thing or two.

SCPOC 3rd meet: Scenic Drive, 10/11/1998

Our third meet found us all at Lake Elsinore for a scenic drive and a relaxing meet. We should have brought barbeque supplies.

SCPOC 4th meet: Speed Zone, 11/21/1998

The fourth meet of the Club was held in the city of Puente Hills at the "Speed Zone," a "theme park" filled with gas powered go karts for wheel to wheel racing action.

SCPOC 5th meet: Carlsbad Raceway, 12/19/1998

Our Carlsbad meet was for all intents and purposes a disaster. Ok, maybe disaster is too strong of a word for it, but it was called early. Read about it.

SCPOC 6th meet: Petersen Museum, 02/06/1999

Just a small showing of SCPOCers at the auto museum with a return appearance of the almighty and powerful Daven Hall(bow down or be smited).

SCPOC 7th meet: Carlsbad Raceway Pt. II, 03/06/1999

After our disappointing first attempt to hit the 1/4 mile asphalt, once again we will attempt to find out who's your daddy while surrounded by muscle cars that use the 2.5l v6 as a starter motor. Click on the link for directions and more info.

SCPOC 8th meet: Import Auto Salon, 03/27/1999

More about the Import Auto Salon, very soon to come.

SCPOC 9th meet: Barbecue, 05/01/1999

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